Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Fun Kit

This post is 100% tooting my own motherhood horn, but I am just so excited about these that I couldn't resist.

Last year I made my boys a "Summer Fun Kit" that they received on the last day of school stocked with supplies to keep us happily entertained during the summer. It was a hit, so I decided to make it a tradition.

This year there is added incentive to make it fun and special. On June 1 we will pick the boys up from school and drive out of town...for good. I am heart broken just thinking about it but thinking about them being so sad leaving their friends breaks my heart even more. So, I want to do anything I can to ease their sadness.

On their chairs when they get in the car they are going to find the following:

 And on the inside:
That includes:
Flip Flops
Sidewalk Chalk
Summer Adventure Books (which in truth is my excuse to get them to write in a daily journal)
Coloring Book
Drawing Pad
Large Jawbreaker
Water Bottle
Bubble Wand

and the best part, the Summer Fun Coupon Book that includes a coupon for each week of the summer...things like a cookie ice cream sandwich at Smart Cookie, a cupcake at The Sweet Tooth Fairy or shake and fries at The Purple Turtle. Each week they get to pick one. We had a blast doing this last summer.

So there you go. I told you I was doing nothing but tooting my own horn. But I am pretty excited about these.


  1. great idea! So do they have to pick the same coupon or could you end up doing 3 different things- one for each boy- every week? I'm sad for you that you're moving but at least you have a house to go to!

  2. These are SO AWESOME! Definitely horn-tooting worthy. :D My jaw dropped when I realized while reading this that when you say you are leaving June 1st, that is ONLY A COUPLE OF WEEKS AWAY!!! That is insane. It totally crept up on me.

  3. Toot away!! You're such a great mom!! You have wonderful ideas and seemingly endless energy. You love your boys so much, and it shows in everything you do.

  4. I want to copy!

    We are driving into Chicago on June 1st. Too bad we are both moving to the same TOWN, but at least we can move on the same day!