Thursday, January 19, 2012


Back in November we had some big awards in our family. Big awards to the boys, awards that meant a lot to them and I haven't posted about them, so I here they are now.

Jack entered the Reflections contest at school and he WON!!!! I admit that I was really surprised when I got the phone call saying he won. I just wanted him to enter for the experience, I didn't anticipate him winning.

Winning was a HUGE deal for Jack. Since then he knows he is good at art and maybe he will be an artist when he grows up. He gets out his water colors all the time to paint. And it has boosted his self confidence a lot. He even took his medal with him to Denver at Thanksgiving to show it off. I am so proud of him and so happy with the impact this contest has had on him. Here are some pictures from the award's ceremony:

A week or two after that, Nathan earned his Wolf badge at Scouts along with like 3 beads, a pile of belt loops, 4 or so Arrow Points and the World Conservation Award. He was pretty excited. He got really motivated and did tons of work to get all of this done and we are proud of him. I am not sure what we are going to work on between now and June since has done almost everything he could do. He has such a great leader and so much fun in scouts! 

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