Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Pics

I never posted these and I need to. I was kind of waiting for Christmas to pass since they were our Christmas card pics and I didn't want to spoil the card.

For a long time I have been a really big fan of my friend Liz's photography. The thing I like most is how bright and light they are and how happy they make life look. I like bright things and I like to thing that I look at life in a bright way, so they speak to me.

She came out to Utah to visit in August and asked if she could take our family pictures. Um, yes. Please!

I love how they turned out. I need to get a bunch printed and framed on our walls. Here are some of my favorites. Thank you Liz!!!! (I posted a few of my favorites of Dallen on his birthday post already)

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  1. The photo of you and Josh holding hands is soooo great!