Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dream Boat

I think I have mentioned before that I am in love. Totally head over heels smitten in love. With this little fellow:
He's so sweet. Here's what he is up to lately.

He's 15 months old and just had his checkup 2 days ago. He hit the 9th percentile for weight! Yeehaw!! This is a big deal because before his 12 month checkup he had not only never been on the charts, he had never even been close to being on the charts. At 1 year he hit 4% and now we are up to 9%. Moving on up I tell you. Height wise his in the 2% (first time on the charts) and his head? 87%. We make smart kids. What can we say? :)

He isn't walking. My other boys mostly walked at 15 months and so I expected he would be closer to 16 since he was a preemie. He is just this week starting to show a little interest in standing and things. We are trying to push him a little.

We discovered that he doesn't tolerate whole milk well. He was spitting up all the time a few months back and I had the feeling that the whole milk might be doing it, so we cut it out of his diet and sure enough, it worked. I wish he was getting more fat in his life though. Dr. gave us so pedia sure to try so we will work on that, but the first night we gave it to him he barfed in his bed. Not sure if that was the culprit?

His favorite thing to do is go "up" meaning up the stairs. And he says "up" as he crawls towards them. I think the kid probably says between 20-30 words but not if you ask him to. He is NOT a performer. Won't do anything on command. Words he knows include mama, dada, hi, bye, hat, up, pacifier, bottle, book, cracker, etc. He just learned this week what a dog says and does it every time I start to change his diaper because he know's I am going to ask. (OK, so maybe he performs occasionally.)

He had this hat on tonight and I was trying desperately to get a picture of him in it but he would not cooperate so they are all blurry, moving shots:

 Love, love, love, love, love!


  1. Hey Amber, cute boy you have there. Just popping in to say that pediasure is a cow's milk-based product, so if he doesn't do well with whole milk, it makes sense that he wouldn't do well with pediasure. I know a lot of parents who try to add a lot of oil to whatever they make for kids who are low weight for their age, and there are lots of other ideas and options, I'm sure you've probably looked into it. Otherwise it looks like you guys are doing great. We miss you in WI. :)

  2. He's a cutie! Sorry to hear about the allergies, though. That's no fun! Matthew has a milk allergy too. Let me know if you have any questions about it.