Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flaming Gorge...or Nathan discovers his personal heaven

I have been called out on my lack of blogging lately. Sorry Grandma P. Very sorry! :) I will try to catch up a little this week. Let's just say that me and my boys packed in a lot of fun this summer but I didn't take a ton of pictures because sometimes it's easier to just have fun rather than be connected to the camera.

One major highlight of the summer was our first ever Allen family trip to Flaming Gorge. We went from a Wednesday through Saturday in August with all of my family and camped. (For a girl who doesn't love camping may I just just say that I did a lot of it this summer. There was also girl's camp and an overnighter with some friends.)

The boys were in heaven though. This guy in particular:
He fished (caught 7), he tubed, he tried water skiing, he jumped off cliffs, he literally was in heaven. I have never seen him so happy.

 We also got to play with cousins:

Go on a "Snipe Hunt" planned by Grandma (those are Kevin, the "snipe" from Up.

And of course, eat Smore's. We even tried out some fancy smore's combos like putting a Reese's PC cup on them or a york or milky way sandwiched between two chocolate cookies with the marshmallow. Adam was a fan:

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