Monday, September 24, 2012

Upside Down Dallen

This is the view of Dallen you are most likely to see if you visit our house:

Or maybe it will be this:

Or this:

He is almost always flipping, head standing, cart wheeling, back walkovering-you name it. He's usually upside down.

And he is GOOD at it too. I don't know any 4 year olds that can headstand nearly as long as he can. He can land a flip on the trampoline and he can just about land a backflip too. (Mama's not so sure she likes him to do that trick.) He can do cart wheels and his own form of back walkovers.

When I come into the bathroom to wipe his little bum-he's in a headstand. Every single time. 

We went to the library and checked out 7 gymnastics books which he carries around with him and reads all the time. He can name many famous gymnasts-just ask him about Keri Strugg or Gabi Douglas. He loved gymnastics before the Olympics but now? Forget about it. Obsession. Watch for him in 12 years. Someone's got to sign this kid up for a class!

Oh, and his secret dream? To wear a leotard. Of course when I told him I used to wear one when I was in ballet he said "gross!"

Dal is such a fun kid. He is in a good mood 95% of the time. He helps me so much with Adam. I honestly can leave Adam in Dal's care sooner than I can with either Nathan or Jack. He is always watching out for Adam.

He is loving preschool and all his friends. Knows all of his letters and the sounds they make and could probably easily be in Kindergarten but has to wait another year!  So basically he is mostly just bored at home with me, though I do try hard to keep him entertained. Love my buddy!

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  1. I love him! And I do have to say that his trampoline backflip is actually really impressive. I was shocked!