Friday, June 5, 2009

Jack-Jack Attack

Birthday #2 for the week has come and gone. We had to postpone our special birthday dinner one day for Jack since we were supposed to be in Disneyland yesterday for his special day (be sure to check your blackout dates before driving to Disneyland and getting your kids all excited).
So tonight was Jack's bday dinner-nachos and we are going to Coldstone for ice cream in a little bit.
Here are just a few of the things I love about my Jack Jack:
1. The wiry, adorable little body. Skinny minnie, funny cute smile with the slightly buck teeth (from thumb sucking), beautiful eyes that he likes to put right up to my face when he talks. I just love to squeeze and snuggle him.
2. He has what I told him tonight is called a strong will. I also told him tonight where he got it from and it wasn't his father. :) I told him it is special and that as long as he uses it to follow Heavenly Father's commandments, he will go a long way in life. We knew before we left the hospital that this kid had an opinion on life.
3. He is what Josh termed best-tender-hearted. I know that those of you who know Jack best know that the kid has a temper and, as I said before, is slightly strong willed-just slightly. But the flip side is that he is almost the most tender and loving little guy. He likes to be a baby animal when he is pretending, he likes to take care of his stuffed animals, he likes snuggles and he has sensitive feelings. I love it about him.
4. He has quite the imagination lately. The kid won't get dressed (again, see #2 ie. strong will). My brother told me yesterday that my kids looked like homeless children in the birthday pictures because they were in their jammies. I politely informed him that those are not jammies but space man suits. Who am I to kill their dreams? Jack goes out of the house most days in pajamas or inside out shirts and mismatched pants. I have decided for the most part not to fight it. I want him to explore his creative, independent side, his dreams and his imagination. And have decided that that matters more than what other people think....I think. I don't know, what do you think?
5. He is learning to love the gospel and I love to see it. He has such a soft spot for temples (again the tenderness) and has begun asking questions during scriptures like "what does the wrath of God mean?" He comes home from Primary on top of the world (thanks to really really great Primary teachers and leaders) and I can tell that he is learning to recognize the spirit.
I adore this child-almost all the time. :)


  1. I love seeing whatever Jack is wearing because it reminds me of what a good mom you are!

  2. I definitely think his independence matters more than what others think. I mean, not PJs at church or anything, but on a normal day...who the heck cares?! My mom told me that once she and I were riding the bus downtown when I was about 4 to meet my dad for lunch. I LOVED the Thudercats at this point in time. A little old lady on the bus turned to me and said, "You are such a cute little girl. What is your name?" I replied, "Cheetarah." She looked up at my mom, shocked, and my mom just smiled at her and let both of us continue to think my name was in fact Cheetarah. What a mom! Keep it up!

  3. I love these posts about your boys! They are such sweet doubt in part to your great parenting! I love the birthday party ideas, too. Your invitation is so creative!

  4. Jack makes me laugh! He's somebody who knows what he likes and is not afraid to tell you. When I saw the picture of the boys in their space pajamas I knew exactly what was going on -- they were dressed to go on an adventure into space. I think it's fun. Thanks for making it happen.