Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nathan-My Nater Snood

My Snood (that is what we call Nathan around these parts) is 6! Six years ago I became a mother-last night I told him thanks for that, for making me a mother.
Nathan is a great kid with a pure heart. Last night at his special birthday dinner (pizza-his choice) we told him fun things we remember about him and then things we love about him. Here are some of the things I love most about this guy:
1. He has such a pure heart and wants to do good. In spite of making mistakes at times which we all do, I know that his heart is always in the right place and he is always trying to make good choices. I know that he is already sure that he loves Heavenly Father and Jesus and that he wants to do what they ask of him and he always tries.
2. He loves to learn. We were telling him about how when he was just barely 2 years old he started asking questions about the world. It started with "tell me about a butterfly" and we would have to tell him all about how caterpillars built cocoons and then became butterflies (over and over and over) and it has never stopped. He continues loving to learn still. He never complains about school and loves learning. The crazy kid can already do multiplication and is a great reader and writer.
3. His smile is wonderful. He learned to smile at just 2 and a half weeks old and just kept on smiling. The ladies at Walmart where we used to go a lot to buy fabric for my business called him "smiley" because he was always smiling. I love that smile and I love those freckles on his nose.
4. He is kind and he is a good friend. Especially to his brothers-most of the time. The first thing Dallen asks for in the morning is Nay-Nay and Jack adores his big brother/best friend.
5. He has the cutest little skip/walk that he does when he is really happy. I love to see him do it because I know he is having a good day when he does.
Love you my Snood!


  1. What a cutie! I am so glad we spent the afternoon with you guys on Sunday--we had a blast. Let's play cards soon!

  2. This is a touching post... I almost cried. Darn pregnancy hormones! Nathan is GREAT!