Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grandparents and Why They Are Wonderful

In the past month my lucky little boys have been visted by all 4 of their grandparents. I can't help but feel like my boys are so amazingly blessed to have 4 wonderful grandparents who really enrich their lives. It really is a special blessing for them.

I thank each of you-mom, dad, Pam and Tracy (spelled that right this time didn't I?) for being the amazing grandparent that you are to my kids. You truly make a difference in their lives in so many ways. My kids are so secure in knowing they are loved and feel so connected to their grandparents even though, for now, we live far away.

First we had Grandma A. come for a birthday visit (her birthday that is). We took her to Disneyland for her big day. Also to La Jolla Cove to see the tide pools.

My boys think Grandma Allen is probably the world's funniest person-which is a little bit odd because she isn't necessarily a comedian, but now that I think about it there are a number of things she has said in her life that our family still laughs at ("oh-you have a variety of colors!" or "I'm having a quandry"). Anyway, my boys love to laugh with Grandma Allen. I think that is the thing they love best about her. Being silly and having fun and giggling. Nathan is always trying to make her laugh.

Then, just two days after Grandma A. left, both Grandma and Grandpa P came to visit, and, incidentally, to watch our boys for 4 days while we went on a cruise! :) Which I can't thank them enough for. We also took them to the Zoo and took Grandma to Sea World.

The boys love to give Grandma P zerbets and they love to play mind games with her like "I Spy" and swap the sounds in the first letters for two words (for example zoo and spoon becomes spoo and zoon). Grandpa P teaches them all about science and how things work, takes them for walks, and sings songs with them at the piano. They love it all! After he left the boys kept telling us things about how their bikes work or why things are the way they are and we knew that Grandpa must have taught them that.

And then, just a few days after they left Grandpa A came to visit (and yes, my parents do still love each other and are still married, their trips were just planned at different times, that is why they didn't come together). This was Grandpa A's first time coming to see us in San Diego and we really had a good time with him.
The boys all went to Coronado beach and we went to the BYU football player's fireside.

Grandpa A spent a lot of time reading or telling stories and singing crazy songs to the boys which they really enjoyed. And being wild. I think Grandpa A has all the other Grandparents beat on ability to rile up three little boys. :) They loved it!

Thank you to 4 wonderful grandparents for loving our boys like you do. You mean the world to us and to them!

On a side note, I found this picture of my dad and Dal. It struck me as funny because they are making the exact same face and their eyes (I know you can't see my dad's as well because they are blocked by his glasses) look just the same color.

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  1. I think it's hilarious that your boys think that your quiet mom is a comedian! I love it!