Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Swine Flu makes its appearance...

The piggy flu has found its way through the doors of our home. No biggie. Jack came down with it Monday with the full run of symptoms-cough, sore throat, aches, fever, tired. By Tuesday he really didn't feel very good. Wednesday when Nathan came home from school he mentioned that he was really tired. Within an hour he had a full blown fever too and about 20 minutes later Dallen had joined the gang with a fever of his own.

Truthfully, I am glad-glad that we have it now. In the past month I have been on 2 trips and we have had 3 different sets of visitors (hence the lack of blogging). This Saturday Uncle Scott comes to visit. So having this sickness nestled nicely into this week with nothing going on is perfect.

When Nathan woke up this morning his fever was gone and he was feeling almost fine. Jack also is fever free and Dal seems mostly ok too. I figured I was getting off pretty easy as we all laid around watching movies but feeling mostly good.

But then, we had a ten minute period when all hell broke loose (am I a bad girl for saying hell?). Dal started to cry and act like he wasn't feeling good. He was sobbing and calling "mama mama" as I was trying to get his diaper changed and get him dressed and then get him some medicine and a blanket and snuggle him.

In the course of doing this (I only got through the diaper changing part) I heard a scream from downstairs. A long and prolonged painful scream. I ran downstairs to find Nathan laying half on the arm of the couch, half on the end table and sobbing and screaming. Apparently Jack kicked him over or something and somehow he managed to scrape his back from shoulder blades to tailbone on the table. And Nathan doesn't deal well with pain.

So, I grabbed him and carried him upstairs (meanwhile Dallen was still laying in his room crying and waiting for me to take care of him). I grabbed Dal and brought him to my bed where I put bandaids up and down Nathan's back, at his request. I then sent him downstairs to watch a movie again-the only thing that calms a sick or in pain Nathan down. (Oh, and Jack was in time out obviously.)

So then I turned my attentions to Dallen. I finished getting him dressed, wiped snot from his face, and gave him some grape Ibuprofen which he apparently hates. I had to force it down with him choking and gagging. I finished that, washed his face in the sink and brought him back to my bed where he promptly barfed. Nathan was still downstairs crying for me to come snuggle him.

Quick bath for a crying Dallen and a new set of clothes, pacifier, blankets and snuggle. I check in with Jack who certainly needs a good talking to and he announces that he has to go potty. I take Dallen downstairs where Nathan is waiting for a snuggle and as soon as I sit down Jack is calling my name needing ahem, assistance in the bathrooming process.

And now we are all watching movies peacefully again. Actually Dallen is playing quietly with trains. But that was quite the 10 minutes.

I am happy to say that I handled it with grace. In some ways I enjoy my kid's sickness this week because it means we have had relaxing time at home with each other and even better, I have really gotten to fulfill my divine roll as nurturer this week. And it feels good. It is sad to see your kids sick but it feels good to be able to take care of them, snuggle them and show them just how much you love them.

And hopefully everyone will be healthy before all the Halloween fun begins.


  1. Wow! Now hopefully you don't get it. That is good the chaos only lasted ten minutes. Sometimes I have whole days that seem like that. We are SOOOO excited to see you in a few weeks!

  2. What takes more energy? Three rambunctious boys or three sick boys? I'm sorry that they are all sick. Give them a snuggle from their Grandma. Now you and Josh try to stay well!

  3. I'm glad their version of H1N1 is fairly mild. The question I have: how do you (and others) know that what you have is H1N1?

  4. So how did you know that it was swine flu and not regular flu? I was sick this week but figured it was regular flu. Sounds like a crazy ten minutes! And no, you're not a bad girl. I'm a little pleased to hear you say it, actually. :) Oh yeah, and HOLY BLOGGING! You posted zillions today!

  5. Poor guys :( I hope they all get over it quick! I feel for ya :) 2 more of mine came down with it today, so I'm with you in the craziness of sick kiddos.

  6. Thank you for that post--birth control for a few more years. :) Sounds like absolute chaos. Although I will admit that I laughed when Jack kicked Nathan (I know, I shouldn't have), but how does that little guy who is half Nathan's size terrorize him so much? And I have seen Nathan deal with pain--not pretty. Miss you guys!