Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Most Wonderful Week of My Life

For a while now I have toyed with the idea of going on a cruise. Josh has never liked the idea. He was certain that he would be killed on board and thrown overboard and never thought of again.

But, since we moved to San Diego and happen to live not far from a Cruise Embarcadero and since we have tons of credit card points that can be used for things like cruises and since, for the first time in a while, I am not pregnant or nursing, we decided now was the best chance we were going to get for a long time.

We left on a Monday afternoon. My grandparents (seasoned cruisers) insisted that we needed to get on the boat as early as possible since "you can start eating right away!" And we did. We got on, found our room, then went upstairs for pizza.

Really the trip was the most relaxing, fun, enjoyable week I have spent since, well, ever! One of my favorite parts was that while we were at dinner each night:

the lovely housekeeper would turn down our bed, leave a mint on our pillow, and make us an adorable towel creature. We took a picture of our towel creature each night:

Ah, I could get used to that! All the pampering and over the top service. Sigh. Anyway, on Tuesday we stayed on the boat for a "Fun Day at Sea." We golfed:

(I was declared champion). We read-a lot. I read 2.5 books in 4 days which was paradies for me:

Josh pondered the deeper meanings of life:

While I soaked up the sun:

(Those last two pictures were jokes, by the way.) We also danced (Josh even let me drag him to the Thriller dance class. You should definitely ask to see his moves sometime.) Oh, and we ate. And then we ate. And then because we had nothing else to do, we ate.

Wednesday was Catalina island:

You can see our ship in the background there. (We had to take little boats into the island.) Catalina was really the highlight for both of us. We kayaked and snorkeled there, two things that neither of us have done before and two things we both loved. I insisted on a pre-snorkeling photo shoot because those outfits were just so fantastic:

There, now that you have seen more of Josh's legs than ever before, on to the rest of the story. Friday was Ensenada, Mexico. My first official time in another country. (I know, lame.) Here is my proof-a Mexican flag growing out of my head:

All we really did there was shop for 2 hours. Then we got back on the boat.

The trip was amazing, it was paradise, I literally loved every minute of it. I can't wait to do it again...someday.

Oooh, and the best part. The whole thing cost us $145 total-for souveniours, the kayaking, and the whole cruise itself. Nice.


  1. Oh my gosh---PARADISE is right!!!! Only $145 dollars?!?! AMAZING!!! I assume that's because of the credit card points, but still! WOW! Logan doesn't want to go on a cruise b/c he thinks they sound lame. I think he's an idiot. A big time idiot. Glad you two got to be pampered for a change! And fun to see pics of YOU on the blog! :)

  2. I can NOT stop giggling right now. You are hillarious. The picture of Joshy in the wet suit--hysterical. And I love the picture of him looking dreamily at the camera with the cute towel You've almost cured me of my cruise-a-phobia. It does look like fun. And you both look so skinny in spite of all the eating (and eating, and yes, more eating!). Can't wait to see you next month!

  3. So fun!!! The wetsuit pics made me laugh out loud. Sam and I have gotta try to find a deal like that.