Sunday, August 23, 2009

When did I forget?

Somewhere between my last trip to girl's camp (I think I went like 7 times) and the recent present, something got lost in my life-something that I didn't even realize was lost.

I grew up in Colorado-where there are big beautiful mountains, burbling brooks, pine trees everywhere you look-and camping. I guess I camped quite a bit as a kid and as a teenager.

And then I became a wife and mother, and somehow that translated into thinking "I don't like camping. I don't go camping" and so I would send Josh off with the boys for some father/son bonding whenever they wanted to camp.

And then Josh bought a new tent. And he set it up in the backyard. And it was big-very big. And I realized that if he was going to have a tent this big, I should probably spend at least one night in it camping. And so, hesitantly and suggested "maybe we should all go camping sometime." And so we did.

And I remembered-I like camping. I really like camping. I like sitting by the campfire, I like being in the quiet nature, I like eating hotdogs on sticks and s'mores.

But this was even better-because now I am a mom. And I have an endless to do list at home and the phone ringing and my business to run and places to go. But when we were camping there was no to do list and nothing to do but sit down by the fire with my boys and talk and snuggle and relax. I loved it. And I realized that this could be a vital part of keeping strong family connections as our kids age, because when we camp there is nothing to do but spend time together. And pick up sticks and roll in dirt. Just the sort of thing a family of boys loves.

Disclaimer (CA "mountain" camping has nothing on CO Mountain camping. Not even a close comparison. Next time I think we will try beach camping.)

Josh worked while I ran around snapping pictures:

Dal loved the chance to roam free and get DIRTY! Hotdogs by the fire:
These two apparently were having a dirty face contest. At least that is how it looked by the state of their faces:
Pam, this one is for you. I don't know if this can fully capture the amount of dirt on Dal's hand. I understand why you don't camp. :)
And proof that I actually was there:


  1. Hope we can go this week! Looks super fun. Although beach camping may not seem like real camping to me . . .

  2. I SO do not camp!!! (I know, no suprise, right?!) But you make me almost want to!

  3. How fun! We would love to go beach camping with you sometime. We haven't done it before, but it sounds fun. It is a whole lot more work now being the mom though. But you are right, it's different work with immediate rewards (s'mores and smiles!).

  4. Ahh..Girls Camp. I went way too many times. Most of them with you! And guess what, I went on one of the Father-Daughter camp-outs a couple of years ago (Christopher came and loved it), and kind of thought I never want to go camping again! Weird.... hopefully I'll just do it sometime and feel the same way you did : )

  5. Okay, please, please, please send me an email and tell me where you were able to camp WITH A FIRE?! We went camping for the first time this summer and were only allowed to have hot coals. Very, very disappointing to say the least! It's ALL about the fire when you camp. You know, singing songs, telling stories, making smores, etc. I was extremely put out and kept telling anyone who would listen that I was peeved about CA camping as compared to UT camping! :0) And the dirt . . . oh the dirt. It was the boys' favorite part of camping - playing in the dirt.

    Glad you guys had fun!

  6. Your description of camping almost makes me want to try it again -- but you're right, the dirt might get to me. I'm glad the boys got to enjoy their most favorite thing in the whole world -- playing in dirt.