Friday, August 14, 2009


Josh and I saw Wicked about 2 weeks ago. Wow! What a show. I have now seen 5 Broadway shows (all off Broadway) and this blew them all out of the water. (I should mention that 3 of those 5 were Phantom-I just happen to have seen that quite a few times-the other was Annie.)
Unfortunately we were way up in the balcony. Josh didn't think this mattered but if we ever get the chance to see this show again we will sit closer.
The music was amazing, I love the story line and the message, I love the unexpected twists and surprises. What a show! And thanks to cousin Laura for watching our boys so we could go!!

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  1. Yeah! I hope everyone gets to experience Wicked for those reasons. It is an incredible musical! I'm excited you got to see it! I also love that you've seen Phantom 3 times!!