Sunday, January 25, 2009

Book of Mormon Party

I never posted about this and wanted to make sure I wrote about it because it was fun (and because I am planning to get my blog printed and bound like a scrapbook and want to remember all the fun things we do as a family).

Last week we finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family! Yay! That took more than three years-we usually only read 1 column per night. So, we figured we had to celebrate somehow. So we had a Book of Mormon party last Friday night.

For dinner we had "Nephite Nachos" and "Teancum Taco Salads" with "Lamanade" to drink. (That sounds cooler than it really was. We have nachos for dinner all the time (because it is about all that Jack will eat), we just called them Nephite Nachos that night. Oh, and everyone was wearing a Nephite headband during this (except Jack because of course, he didn't want to wear one).

Then we played games-the Lost 116 pages, ie. searching for 116 post it notes hidden all over our house. Then gadianton robbers where we had to try to knock the gadianton robbers (stuffed animals) off the back of the couch with socks. Then Samuel the Lamanite (the big hit of the night) in which Samuel would stand on the couch yelling "repent" and the rest of us would throw socks at him.

We finished the night off with "Moost be true" ice cream (Moose tracks) because the Book of Mormon is true. (OK, that one was a stretch, I know!)


  1. Amber that is the cutest idea. I am totally going to copy if we ever finish!

  2. So much fun! We'll have to try Samuel the Lamanite with socks- that's Luke's favorite story!!

  3. You guys are awesome!!! I love to hear all the fun things you do! I am going to copy you as well!

  4. Thanks for the ideas- I Googled "Book of Mormon party", since my 7 y/o just finished his first solo, and found you! BTW, your book list sounds a lot like me.