Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Christmas

We are home from a nice trip to Denver for Christmas. We surprised the boys with the trip. They didn't know a thing about it until in the afternoon on Christmas we said to them-"Hey, since it's Christmas and all, what do you say we go find some snow to play in? Get in the car." We drove to the airport and when they saw the planes we said "Hey-should we get on one and see if we can find some snow?" They heartily agreed, thinking we were headed to the North Pole. About halfway through the trip they realized we were going to see Grandma and company.

We had a really nice trip. The highlights were the simple things really-just being with my family, letting the boys play with their uncles (who are the coolest uncles ever), spending time with grandma and grandpa, seeing relatives, relaxing, taking turns sleeping in (Josh drew the short straw and had to get up early New Year's day), and of course, my favorite, playing games with my family in the evenings.

A few of the bigger highlights included a super fun Pirate themed "Cootie Party" on New Year's Eve. We usually go to my aunt and uncle's house for New Year's Eve and it is always fun, this year was especially so. The boys (other than Dal) stayed up till Midnight and we played all sorts of games including speed cootie, bowling with skull, roll the eyeballs into the treasure chest and pin the eye patch on Captian Jack. I have such a fun family and I am so lucky to have grown up close to all my aunts and uncles and cousins so that they are such familiar friends when we get together. Here is Captain Snood (Nathan):

The other highlight was my brothers Jason and Tim giving me and Josh a date during the week. They gave us a movie gift card and a Chili's gift card and Tim babysat while we went out. Did I mention my brothers are the coolest? Thanks Stupid Dumb Tim and Stupid Dumb Jas. :)

Now tomorrow we hit real life again. Things will seem pretty tame I guess after all the crazy busyness of Christmas. At least we aren't looking at more than 100 inches of snow this year. :)

Here are a few more Christmas pics:

Dal in his new Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve:
Nathan and Jack in their new jammies. They each got one Batman set and one Superman set:The Aftermath on Christmas Morning. And just think, we had to leave for the airport a few hours after this. It took a lot of work to get it decent enough to leave.
Here is Santa's cookie plate made by Nathan. Just cookies wasn't enough, they had to be in a smile. :) And count the carrots-he made sure there was one for every reindeer.

And just because I never post pics of myself, here I am with my guys. I don't post pics of my self for a reason-I look like a goon. And sure enough-I look like a goon in this one. At least I have cool jammies though.
P.S.-If you are a Denver friend of mine and I didn't see you while I was there please don't hate me. Just know that most of my Denver friends were equally neglected.


  1. Like a goon huh?! You just got done telling me I look good in pictures, well I'll say the same of you! We're always our worst critics!!

  2. I think you look like a hot momma! I never post pics of myself either.

  3. I think you look like a hot momma! I never post pics of myself either.